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By Robin Mather The 2018 trends predictions from a variety of sources reveal a fascinating array of opinions about the issues that will drive your customers’ purchases this year. “Clean” and “transparency” will continue to be consumer buzzwords for 2018. Manufacturers are updating their packaging to look as clean as the ingredients inside, and customers…(Read More)

As flatbreads continue to gain popularity, nearly doubling in sales from 2014 to 2016, according to Nielsen, Primizie Snacks has added two new flavors to its flatbread crisps lineup. In addition, the company has refreshed its snack packaging allowing consumers to more readily identify its flatbread products. “The growing popularity of flatbreads has them appearing…(Read More)

Old Dominion Peanut Company is closing its manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Virginia. As a result of a six-month analysis of the company’s current operations and future needs of its customers, the decision comes in the wake of the neighborhood in transition from manufacturing and warehousing, to retail and upscale residential apartments, higher operating…(Read More)