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Since its founding in 2010, Nature’s Bakery® is on a mission to bring the goodness of delicious, healthy baked snacks to people everywhere. Started by Dave Marson and his son Sam, the Marsons believed that everyday life’s journeys should be fueled with the good stuff. The good stuff can be found right in…(Read More)

Golden Valley Natural is celebrating 50 years of quality jerky products. Originally known as King B Jerky in Idaho Falls, the regional jerky company grew into a national brand in the 1980s after Founder Roger Ball commandeered his wife’s blender to make the first batch of “Shredded Jerky Stuff.” The family-owned jerky company…(Read More)

COYO, America’s fastest growing non-dairy yogurt, is a coconut-based alternative that was created in Australia in 2012 by Henry and Sandra Gosling. It has since spread worldwide and is available in the U.S. at leading natural and organic grocers. Paleo certified, COYO is 100 percent vegan and has no added sugar…(Read More)

The chocolate industry has realized that sustainability makes both ethical and business sense, and is investing heavily in new approaches to improve in this area, according to data and analytics provider GlobalData. The global chocolate industry is worth $92 billion (USD) and is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.97…(Read More)