The Art of Snacking Smart


Pearl and Johnny Beetroot & Garlic Dip takes people from “I don’t like beets” to “Oh, maybe I love beets!” in just one bite. Combine with sour cream (or non-dairy alternative), hummus or mayo. Enjoy as a vegetable dip, a wrap or sandwich spread or as a sauce. Try as a sauce on fish tacos or add to shredded vegetables for “pink slaw.”

Ingredients include organic beetroot, organic garlic, organic black pepper, organic onion and sea salt. Like all Pearl and Johnny dip mixes, the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, real food ingredients, an approach the company refers to as “The Art of Snacking Smart.”

Other flavors in the line include Spinach & Leek, Chili & Lime, and Maple & Onion. Each mix is packaged in a single-serve stand-up pouch that retails for $5.00.