ParmCrisps Launches ParmCrisps Trios Snack Packs


ParmCrisps is introducing ParmCrisps Trios, a shelf-stable, protein-rich blend of sweet dried fruit, crunchy nuts and seeds, and crispy ParmCrisps. This on-the-go snack is made for the new, Millennial consumer who looks for convenient, satiating food options that align with their “snack more, eat less meals” approach to eating.

ParmCrisps Trios come in three flavors: Original, Mediterranean and Tropical. According to Mintel data, three out of four Americans seek more protein but are consciously trying to avoid meat for a healthier diet. ParmCrisps Trios, the first vegetarian, shelf-stable snack of its kind, contain 13g of protein and are made without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

“ParmCrisps are a great snack on their own but supplementing them with fruit, nuts and seeds make them the perfect combination of sweet and savory for a satisfying mid-day snack craving without all the sugar or long ingredient list of other snack packs,” says Sam Kestenbaum, President of That’s How We Roll, LLC, ParmCrisps’ parent company. “It’s like having a premium cheese plate you can carry in your pocket.”

ParmCrisps Trios will be available at various retailers nationwide including Publix, Safeway, ShopRite, Harris Teeter, CVS and Giant Eagle beginning in April 2018. Each 1.8 ounce pack has a suggested retail price of $3.99.